An Old fish and a fisherman

Once upon a time a fisherman dropped a newspaper into a lake.

An old fish that had avoided fisherman's traps for ages and thus was stressed, read from newspaper that going to sauna makes you relaxed.

So the old fish decided to build an under-water sauna.

The fisherman wondered what steam rises from the lake into sky.

The steam rose into clouds. The clouds became bigger and it started to rain in mountains.

A flood came in the morning and the fisherman's house partially sank into water. The old fish was worried.

He swam into the house and dragged the fisherman's beard, so that he would wake up, cause sleeping under water is not healthy.

The fisherman woke up gladly and invited the old fish to have a cup of tea. He noted that he and the old fish are much like each other. So they became friends for the rest of their lives.

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