Here is some travel information about New Zealand.

So, I need internet when accessing servers from Finland. It seems ok: the download and upload internet speeds are good enough everywhere in NZ (I asked it in these two newsgoup articles).

I have not decided yet whether to live in one location or in several places while being in NZ. Here are some pros and cons.

Living in one location (example city = Christchurch in South Island):

  • Possible to feel being at home while working. Traveling is going somewhere and returning back.
  • When the internet is ok, it will be ok during all my time in NZ.
  • One possible place to live is in LivingSpace. At least it will have internet but costs are high: 99 NZ$ per night in Christchurch = 50 eur per night = 1500 eur per month.
  • By simply renting accommodation from it will be less expensive and you have more places to choose from. But then you must think how to get furniture and internet. Currently one well-equipped apartment with furniture in Christchurch cost 450 NZ$ per week = 33 eur per night = 1000 eur per month. On the other hand one apartment without furniture costs 270 NZ$ per week = 20 eur per night = 600 eur per month. Also you can find something not-apartment-accommodation under 200 NZ$ which equals 450 eur per month.
  • You can live in a holiday cottage, but it's probably more expensive?
  • All kind of possibilities here.
  • Other possibilities? Anybody?

Living in several places:

  • Possible to see more both South Island and North Island (live one month in south, the other in north?).
  • If you move several times (without planning in advance), might be difficult to find decent internet in every place?
  • If you move several times (without planning in advance), might not be possible to find less-expensive ways of living?

(Of course you can live in various Youth Hostels with less costs, but that's not in my mind.)